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Dress Code

A School Dress Code applies to each student from Kindergarten to Year 6 at Bayswater Primary School. Once enrolled all students are strongly encouraged to wear the recommended school uniform. 

A school uniform helps to create a sense of identity among students and assists with building the school community and team spirit. A dress code has many benefits, including:

  • Encouraging equity among students.
  • Ensuring that students are safely dressed for specific school activities.
  • Preparing students for future life skills in the community and workplace.
  • Providing a method of easy identification of students and contributing to a safe environment.
  • Offering an economical form of school attire.
  • Fostering and enhancing the public image of the school.

For further information please read the School Dress Code Policy 

School Uniform

  • Bayswater Primary School colours are aqua blue and maroon.
  • All students are required to purchase the correct uniform polo shirt and jacket. 
  • A detailed list of uniform items is available on our School Uniform page. 
  • All uniform items can be purchased through Uniform Concepts Super Store on Beaufort Street, Inglewood. 
  • For sports day, faction carnivals and interschool sports students wear a faction shirt
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Bayswater Primary School is a SunSmart school and has a “No Hat – No Play” approach for the four terms of the year.

  • The wearing of hats for outdoor activities, including recess and lunch times is compulsory, for health and safety reasons.
  • Hats must be broad brimmed or legionnaire style. Baseball/peaked caps do not provide adequate protection and are not permitted.


Fully enclosed, flat soled shoes are to be worn as part of the Dress Code Policy.  This ensures that basic safety and health issues are addressed.  Students participate in physical activities most days of the week so sports shoes are recommended everyday as well as being a requirement for all sports events. Sandals are acceptable in summer as long as they do not compromise safety.

  • No thongs, reefs or backless sandals are allowed.
  • Socks should be in plain colours

Hair, Jewellery and Make-Up

Students with shoulder-length or longer hair should tie their hair back.

Excessive jewellery is not appropriate for safety reasons ‑ Stud and sleeper earrings are acceptable.  Makeup is not appropriate.