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Specialist Programs

The core curriculum at Bayswater Primary School is enriched by the specialist programs of Science,  Music,  Visual Arts, Physical Education and Italian.


 New program starting Term 3 2022.


The Music education program offered at Bayswater Primary School for Years 1-6, provides students with opportunities to actively create and respond to music. The teaching of music knowledge and skills encourages students to be confident in being creative and thoughtful musicians. Students actively listen to, analyse, compose and perform music. Students in Years 1 - 3 learn to play the xylophone, whilst those in Years 4 - 6 are introduced to the ukulele. Through our extra-curricular Music program, our students engage with musical experiences as performers and audience members. These groups are:

  • Rock Band – Audition selected band for students in Years 5 and 6
  • Senior Choir – Offered to interested students in Years 4-6
  • Junior Choir – Offered to interested students in Years 1-3

Visual Arts

The specialist teaching area of Visual Arts is taught across Years 1- 6. The Visual Arts encourages students to develop their artistic knowledge, understanding and skills through both creating and responding to visual representations.

At Bayswater, we recognise our students’ artistic achievements through the variety of displays across the school including the library, playgrounds and within classrooms. Bi-annually, a Bayswater Primary School Art Exhibition is held at Ellis House where student work from K to 6 is showcased and celebrated.

Physical Education

Students from Years 1-6 engage in 1 hour of specialist taught Physical Education every week. They are given opportunities to learn and apply movement skills and concepts across a variety of physical activity contexts. Across the years, students learn the fundamental skills associated with sports such as netball, AFL, basketball, tennis and cricket, often run by specialist coaches. As part of the Physical Education curriculum, all students across years Pre-primary - 6 participate in 2 weeks of daily swimming lessons at Bayswater Waves.

As a school we support wellbeing and prepare students for daily learning through our voluntary morning fitness program. This takes place before school between 8.20am and 8.40am. Students across the school have opportunity to participate in a range of sporting events each year, such as the Faction Swimming (Years 3-6), Athletics (Years K-6) and Cross Country (Years 1-6) carnivals. Years 5-6 students enjoy participating in the Interschool Winter Sports of netball, soccer and AFL.


On enrolment, students are placed in one of our four factions. These are red, green, blue and yellow.


A comprehensive Italian Language program is taught across Years 1-6 by specialist teachers. Students are provided with opportunities to communicate in Italian, learn essential communication skills in the language and develop an understanding and awareness of Italian culture. Children celebrate Italian culture and language through whole-school events such as ‘Italian Day’. Our Italian Language teachers endeavour to integrate learning in other curriculum areas into their Italian program.