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Voluntary Contributions and Charges

The School Board at Bayswater Primary School has endorsed the Schedule of Voluntary Contributions, Charges and Personal Items for Student Use for  2022.  The schedule will assist you to calculate all costs that may be incurred during the school year.

School Voluntary Contributions

In accordance with School Education Regulations 2000, schools can request up to a maximum voluntary contribution of $60.00 for each child in Years K-6.  The funds supplement the cost of materials used by students in the educational programs over a range of areas to ensure that all students benefit from the contributions.  

The 2022 School Voluntary Contribution for Kindergarten to Year 6 is $60.00 per child.   

2022 Voluntary Contribution and Charges Schedule

Bayswater Primary School is funded by the state government based on the Student Centred Funding Model. The majority of these funds go to employing the staff of the school and covering general amenities (electricity, gas, water), leaving a comparatively small budget for school infrastructure and curriculum resources.   Many families have asked how they may be able to provide additional support to the school to provide additional resources. 

Additional Approved Voluntary Requests

In addition to the School Voluntary Contribution the School Board has endorsed additional voluntary requests and enable parents to contribute to selected areas of the school.   

The additional requests provide funding for specific areas, and in 2021 were expended for: excursion subsidies for all students, computers, art equipment, dance/drama costumes, sports equipment and LOTE books.

The voluntary requests can be paid through the student requirement booklist or directly to the school. 

Technology Fund ($25 per child)

This fund will assist in purchasing and maintaining computers, ipads and other ICT resources for student use. 

Specialist Equipment ($20 per child)

This contribution will supplement the budgets for our specialist areas, Music, Art, Dance/Drama, PE, Early Childhood and Italian.  This will be used to purchase new equipment in all specialist areas for students to use.

Excursion Fund ($10 per child)

This contribution will subsidise excursions and incursions to make it affordable for all students to participate.  All classes will have excursions and incursions throughout the year.

School Building Fund ($15 per child, tax deductible)

This fund will grow over a number of years and can be used with the approval of the School Board on large infrastructure projects in the future. This could include; major classroom refurbishment, air-conditioning, or court resurfacing.  Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductable and can be made at any time.

Parents and Citizens’ Associations ($20 per child)

This will supplement the P&C fundraising efforts and enable it to support school initiatives and focus areas to meet the needs of our children.

Financial Arrangements

A range of payment options is available and may be negotiated with the school. Voluntary Contributions may be paid with the Personal Items List, or at any time throughout the year. Contributions can be paid as a single contribution, or payment plan arrangements can be made with the school to spread payments through the year.

Families experiencing financial hardship are invited to contact the Manager Corporate Services to  discuss payment options.

If you have any questions or need clarification of any of the above please contact me at school.

General Information

Payment Options:

  1. Qkr! Payment app-  Qkr! enables parents to provide consent and pay for school activities with a Visa or Mastercard
  2. Direct Deposit into the school bank account– BSB 066 101Acc. No. 10036360 with details to identify the payment. E.g. Smith B - Voluntary Contributions; 
  3. EFTPOS facilities are available at the school office but we prefer card payments via Qkr; or
  4. Unallocated Credit- if you have unallocated credit available, tick this option on Qkr or let the school office know.

If you have any queries regarding payments, unallocated credit or to arrange a payment plan, please contact Marise Fitzmaurice in the office.

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