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Payments to the school for voluntary contributions, excursions and any additional costs can be made tot he school. 

Payment Options:

  1. Qkr! Payment app-  Qkr! enables parents to provide consent and pay for school activities with a Visa or Mastercard
  2. Direct Deposit into the school bank account– BSB 066 101Acc. No. 10036360 with details to identify the payment. E.g. Smith B - Voluntary Contributions; 
  3. EFTPOS facilities are available at the school office but we prefer card payments via Qkr; or
  4. Unallocated Credit- if you have unallocated credit available, tick this option on Qkr or let the school office know.

If you have any queries regarding payments, unallocated credit or to arrange a payment plan, please contact Marise Fitzmaurice in the office.

Download Qkr! App to your phone or tablet

Download the Qkr! How to Guide