Bayswater Primary School Logo
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Our Vision and Goals

Our Vision 

Our vision for every student and community member is;   Belong   Build   Become

 At Bayswater Primary School we support and inspire all students to belong to a community, that builds life-long learners to become their best.

Our Values

Our culture is built on four values and are embedded in all that we do. These guiding values are;

  • respect for self,
  • respect for others,
  • respect for learning,
  • respect for the environment.


  • We believe that staff will provide student focused learning opportunities that are challenging and include explicit and differentiated teaching based on current research and consistent whole school approaches.
  • We will cater for different learning styles to meet individual needs and so all students achieve and are successful learners.
  • Teaching will be intentional with meaningful feedback provided to students and parents. Students will be given opportunities to set learning goals and reflect on their learning.


  • We focus on common core values showing:
    • attentive listening
    • participation
    • mutual respect
    • appreciation
  • We believe students need to become a positive and productive member of society by:
    • acquiring skills to recognise and manage emotions
    • developing a caring concern for others
    • establishing positive relationships
    • making responsible decisions
    • manging situations effectively

Environment (Learning, Building & Grounds)

  • We aim to provide a safe, inclusive and a visually engaging environment for our students.
  • We aim to establish well maintained buildings and grounds and with up to date resources.


  • We promote and encourage a sense of community involving staff, students, parents and the wider community.
  • We foster and celebrate acknowledgement (recognition) of staff, students, parents and the wider community.
  • We promote an open door approach that facilitates reciprocal communication and mutual respect and values between all stakeholders.
  • We encourage and promote a sense of community by providing social and community events involving all community members.