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Learning Approach

At Bayswater Primary School we implement evidence-based, high impact teaching and learning strategies to accelerate student learning and performance. Our whole school pedagogical approach of Explicit Teaching ensures consistency and continuity as Bayswater students progress through the school, whilst also supporting the development of core literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge.

In implementing Explicit Teaching practices, Bayswater teachers clearly identify and share the learning intention in lessons, making students aware of the skill or concept they are learning. Lessons follow a clear structure of a Daily Review, I Do, We Do, You Do and Plough Back. This lesson progression ensures that teachers model the application of new skills and knowledge and that students can practise this with teacher feedback.

Bayswater Primary adopts an Inquiry-based approach in teaching Science, HASS, Technology and Health. This collaborative approach to teaching and learning provides opportunity for students to ask questions, research and collect information, evaluate and reflect on learning, and share their ideas with peers.

Inspiring every student to be responsible, respectful and resilient life-long learners who engage in and contribute to their world.