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Published: 12 Aug 2022

Year 5 Camp Reflections

yr 5 camp 7.jpg

Camp was super duper fun. We had a blast doing rock climbing, orienteering and archery but my absolute favourite was search and rescue, because we got to jump in the rain, use walkie-talkies and we got to open a safe full of medical things. The food was delicious. We had burgers, scones, cookies and watermelon but my favourite was Mad Mexican. We had burritos and tacos. My favourite part of camp was the dorms. I was in one with my best friends and it was super fun because we played charades for game night. It was the best two days ever, especially with all my classmates.

Lottie, Year 5

Camp is the best, I want to do it all the time! The dorms were awesome and the food was absolutely the best. In search and rescue it was so funny to see Noah jump up and find him. I saved us from being lost, then we had lunch. We had burgers. It was so good, Gordon Ramsey would adore it! Then we did orienteering. We went through secret tunnels and paths and we went to every spot in the camp. Then afternoon tea was so good - we had scones with jam, then we had dinner, Mad Mex, then we did quiz night. In the morning we had bacon, toast, egg and baked beans for breakfast, then we did archery and I hit the bullseye. After that we did rock climbing – it was so big, I went about 50 metres high and was the fastest one! It was the best, even Mr Dique did it! I wish I was always at camp.

Ethan, Year 5

Some of the best experiences on camp were orienteering, search and rescue and rock climbing. Although there was lots of rain, it cleared up the next day. I enjoyed being in the dorms with my friends. There was a serious dorm inspection and we won! Our name was the Pink Flamingos. The food was wonderful. It truly was a remarkable experience. I wish I could go back again this year.

India, Year 5