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Published: 12 Aug 2022

Tree Planting Day

tree planting 2022 7.jpg

Terrific Tree Planting

What was the best thing about tree day? It was making new friends and giving life to many, many trees. My new friend and I really loved giving life to three more trees. Trees give oxygen to not just animals but to us and most life on Earth. Without trees, we will suffer from a lack of oxygen and eventually die! Please plant trees for the future of this beautiful, wonderous world we call home, Earth!

by Louis, Theo and Iknoor


Tree Planting is a Yes!

This special day is to help the environment by planting trees. We were lucky enough to plant trees with some Year One buddies from Room 11. We showed them how to dig a hole and plant a tree in the ground. Then we told them some facts about trees that we had been learning in class. We loved making new friends and helping to improve the environment. I think our buddies enjoyed this time too.

by Leilahni and Emilee M