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Published: 3 Feb 2022

School Board Parent Representatives

The Terms of Reference calls for new elections for parent representatives on the School Board everyone one or two years. At the last meeting all of the parent positions on the School Board were spilled and we are seeking nominations for the six positions. There will be three one year appointments and three two year appointments. Former board members are welcome to re-nominate.

The School Board oversees the strategic direction of the school, provides advice and feedback on certain matters and helps to promote the school in the wider community.

The School Board, amongst other things, cannot:

  1. intervene in the control or management of a school;
  2. intervene in the educational instruction of students or
  3. exercise authority over teaching staff or other persons employed at the school.  

All board members need to complete a criminal screening clearance. The School Board consists of up to six parents, up to four staff members and up to two community representatives. The principal is automatically a member.

If you are interested in applying for one of the School Board positions, we request that you provide a photograph and a brief, no more than 200 words, statement about yourself outlining your involvement in the school and the skills and knowledge that you would bring to the School Board. If there are more than 6 nominations an election will follow.

The photograph and the introductory statement will be provided to the school community for the election process. Criminal screening clearance will need to be successfully validated before an elected school board member can take up the position. A similar process will take place for the staff positions.

Please return nominations with a photo and introductory statement to

Nominations close Thursday 10 February 2021 by 4pm.  

Thank you

Paul Biemmi