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Published: 18 Feb 2019

P&C News: Sustainability Education - Call For New Members


The 'Baysie EcoHub' group has seven members and we would love some more!

Our aim is to engage our school community to take action for sustainability – in our personal lives, within our community and also at a global scale, now and in the future.

So far (in only one year) we have:

  • run an Eco Fundraiser/Awareness Drive in partnership with Environment House
  • become a Waste Wise School and secured a $2,200 Waste Wise Grant
  • provided fortnightly 'Eco Adverts' in the school newsletter and P&C Facebook page
  • joined the City Of Bayswater's 'Recycling Education Program'
  • started composting, and worm farm usage at the school
  • introduced 'soft plastic recycling' at school
  • created valuable partnerships within our local community
  • featured in the media, including the Eastern Reporter, City Of Bayswater Facebook page, and Lisa Baker's Facebook posts
  • assisted in making beeswax food wraps with the students

Our future actions are to reinvigorate our Water Wise School status, conduct energy and water audits, assist the canteen to become waste-free, increase our recycling, increase our partnerships and community-wide sustainability measures, and lots more. If you have any ideas or want to join the group, please contact Alex at or Miho at