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Thank you for your interest in appyling to enrol your child at Bayswater Primary School. Parents wishing to enrol their child can complete an Application for Enrolment Form by downloading the forms or requesting a copy from the school office.

Bayswater Primary School is a local intake school, we will  not be able to accept applications to enrol from students who reside outside our intake area. Click here for our local intake area map.  

Complete and submit the Application For Enrolment to the school. 

When submitting the application for enrolment you will need to provide the following documentation:

  1. Birth Certificate or Passport or other identity documents if applicable
  2. An up to date Immunisation History Statement certificate - available from Medicare or the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR). This must be dated within two months of date of submitting your application. 
  3. Proof of address - Please provide two forms of proof or address, such as, proof of home ownership (rates bill) or a current lease agreement and/or current utility bills in your name.
  4. Copies of Family Court or any other court orders (if applicable).
  5. Information relating to suspensions or exclusions.
  6. Information relating to disabilities or medical conditions.
  7. If your child was born was not born in Australia you must provide evidence of your  current visa subclass,  entry date  to Australia, visa grant notice, travel documents and passport. 

Once an application has been accepted, parents or carers will need to complete the Part B Enrolment Form and have a short introductory meeting with our Principal, Craig Skinner, to meet the student and welcome you to Bayswater PS. Your child then will be enrolled at the school and allocated to a class.


2022 Enrolments

2022 Kindergarten Enrolments 
  • To enrol a child in Kindergarten parents will need to submit an Application for Enrolment (Part A) with supporting documentation by Friday 23 July 2021. Applications can still be accepted after this date. 
  • Letters will be sent to parents to confirm placements by late August 2021.

Click on the link to download and email the Application For Enrolment. Email to or submit hardcopies in person to the school office. 

2022 Kindergarten  Orientation Parent session is scheduled for Friday 12 November, full details will be emailed to families shortly. 

2022 Pre-primary to Year 6  New Enrolments
  • To enrol a child in Pre-primary to Year 6  parents will need to submit an Application for Enrolment (Part A) with supporting documentation preferably by  Friday 23 July 2021, to assist with planning. Applications to enrol can be accepted at any time for students wishing to enrol in PP-Yr 6, if they reside within our intake area. 
2022 Continuing Students in Kindergarten -Year 5
  • Parents of students already enrolled in our Kindergarten program and who wish their child to continue at our school for 2022, are asked to formally inform the school office by Friday 23 July 2021.
  • Parents of our current K-5 students who intend enrolling their child/children in a program at a school other than Bayswater Primary School for 2022 are asked to contact the school by phone or e-mail as soon as is practical.      

Further information can be located at

2021 Year 6 Leavers 

Parents need to inform the school of the secondary school their child in Year 6 will attending in 2022 by 22 November 2021 . Please email the school at