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Communication Guidelines

At Bayswater we value regular communication between the school and our families.  Parents/carers are encouraged to establish and maintain positive communication with teachers and the school. Teachers are available via email or using the teachers preferred platform of; Connect, See Saw or Class Dojo.

Parents/carers should discuss issues and concerns as soon as they occur. Interviews with teachers can be arranged, for a mutually convenient time, by making an appointment. Where there are tandem teachers in a class an appointment should be made with only one of the teachers.

Staff wellbeing is a priority at Bayswater and our teachers need to be able to ‘switch off’ from work and maintain a healthy work-life balance.   Every effort will be made to respond to parent enquiries, generally during school hours, within a reasonable timeframe; for example, 48 hours from reading a communication on a workday. Teaching staff, including Administration, are not required to respond to communications outside of their normal working hours (8.00am – 5.00pm). If further information is required please see the Department’s ‘Talking With my School’ document, and Communication Protocols on our school website.

If unable to satisfactorily resolve any issue with the classroom teacher, parents/guardians are asked to make an appointment to see the Principal or Deputy Principal. The Administration can be contacted by email at or by phone on 9462 6600.

To communicate a child’s absence from school please use the email  Teachers may be cc’d into the email.   A response to confirm the email has been received will come from administration but not from the class teacher.

Communication is an important part of school life. We endeavour to keep parents and the school community informed about the happenings and events at the school.


This is our main format for distribution of information to parents. Our school email is 


Like us on Facebook @bayswaterprimaryschool

Regular notices of events and what is happening at school are posted on Facebook.

Parent Interviews

The Principal and teachers are available for meetings to discuss student progress or any concerns. Should you require an interview with your child’s teacher to discuss their progress, please contact them to arrange a suitable time to meet. Teachers may also contact parents to arrange meetings to discuss individual progress. Mornings are usually very busy for teachers and therefore may be difficult to engage in discussions. Scheduled appointments with teachers and/or administration are strongly encouraged.


The school newsletter is emailed via a SWAY link in weeks 1, 4, 7 and 10 of each term.  The newsletter informs the school community of current and future events and relevant school information.

Newsletters are also accessible online from our newsletters page.

Term Planners

A Term Planner is emailed at the start of each term to provide parents with information about key dates that may be occurring over the term. Important dates are featured in the Newsletter. 

Term Planners are also accessible online from our term planners page.


Notes and letters will be sent home for a range of activities such as excursion and to inform parents.


Whole of school assemblies are held on a fortnightly basis on Fridays commencing at 9.00am. These give the school the opportunity to display to parents the activities in which students have been involved in and to recognise individual and groups achievements. Each class has the opportunity to manage and present an item for one of these assemblies over the year.


All parents, extended family and friends are welcome to attend.

If a child is to be awarded a Certificate of Merit, parents/caregivers will be contacted before the assembly so that you can make arrangements to attend.

Please Note: The Pre-Primary and Kindergarten students do not attend all assemblies in Term One and Two. The Pre-Primary classes are usually scheduled to present an assembly item towards the end of Term Four. For more information regarding this please contact the class teacher.