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Health & Wellbeing

Student Medical Information

Unique diagnosed medical conditions and medication

It is essential for your child's protection and ours, that we are fully aware of necessary treatment and medication requirements. Please ensure that all medical information is up to date on your child's enrolment forms. Parents of students who have allergies or medical conditions which may require medical treatment and/or medication will need to complete the action plans and medical condition forms.  Parents will be asked to provide details of their child's medical condition and give signed consent for medications to be administered. In some cases a doctor's authorisation may be required.

Examples of this are asthma or allergies to bee stings. All medication brought to school must be clearly labelled with the student's name, drug's name and strength. Any medications such as pain killers and antibiotics cannot be administered to students without written permission from parents.

These processes are in line with the Education Department of Western Australia's policies and guidelines. Please see Deputy Principal, Mrs Belinda Rickert for more information.

Medical information forms and emergencies

It is necessary for parents to fill in the required medical forms detailing the condition and action plan. In emergency or life threatening situations the children will receive medical attention as soon as possible. This may mean implementing the interventions outlined in the plan, telephoning for an ambulance or transporting the child by private car or taxi to the nearest doctor or hospital. The cost of this will be billed to the parents. Parents who wish to differ from this approach must notify the school.

Infectious Diseases

If your child has not been immunised, and there is an outbreak of an infectious disease, you will be contacted and asked to take your child home. Your child may be returned to school when the infectious disease has been eliminated from the school.

Community Nurse

Our school has access to a community nurse who visits our school. A full health appraisal for your child is offered sometime during the Kindergarten or Pre-Primary year. Parents/carers are welcome to contact the School Nurse at the school for an appointment.

School Psychologist

A school psychologist visits the school on a weekly basis on Wednesday to support students with specific learning requirements.

Students are referred by class teachers in consultation with one of the Deputy Principals. These students are given priority and parent interviews may be organised.

Dental Therapy Centre

Our students are registered at Hillcrest Primary School Dental Therapy Centre. An appointment card from the clinic will be sent home to parents.

Appointments can be made by contacting the Hillcrest Dental Therapy Centre on 9271 7184.  Parents are responsible for transporting their children to the clinic located at 2 Bayview Street, Bayswater.

Sun Smart

Bayswater Primary School's sun protection policy is simply called "No Hat - No Play" and is aimed at protecting our students from skin damage caused by UV radiation.

This policy requires each student to wear an appropriate hat (wide-brimmed or legionnaire style) when playing outside during school hours. It is enforced all year and applies to all outdoor school activities, including sports carnivals, excursions and camps.

Head Lice (Pediculosis)

School action if a student presents with head lice:
  • Contact parents and ask that the student be kept home until treated
  • Notify other parents in that classroom to check their child for lice
What parents can do:
  • Notify the school if your child has lice so other students can be informed and checked
  • Check other children in your household
  • Treat your child
  • Keep your child at home until treatment is complete

For treatment tips and other information see